Friday, August 31, 2007

In the soup line

When... I ordered 'healthy fast food' Panera Bread company makes the best cream of chicken with wild rice soup I've ever had. I ordered it with a chipotle chicken sandwich. My receipt said Brent 24. 24 was my high school football number. I don't know what the odds are that I'd be that order number, at least 1/24 (4%), probably closer to 1/50. Yet there it was, making my soup and sandwich that much more enjoyable.

Today I saw God beat the odds to bring me joy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In my security deposit

When...I returned a Uhaul trailer....intact. Uhaul offers a $5.00 'insurance policy' against a lot of fine print...namely damages inflacted whilst driving. I didn't take, as I'm so trained to say 'no' to the additional offers always presented at checkout time. Before driving away, I asked if it was too late to get that policy, they said it was. But that's alright, because, $5 isn't much of a security net, compared to the one that I have.

Today I saw God as my insurance policy, no deductible required.

In the darkness

When I was lying in bed, unable to sleep as my head raced around the idea of what God wanted me to do with the "Today I saw GOD" idea. My alarm is set for six hours from now, yet my brain will not stop processing.

I saw God laughing with me in the darkness, where it's a joy to dream before falling asleep.

When I was at the driving range

A man came out from the back entrance, where the putting green is located. I'd turned to change clubs, and he had this big dumb smile on his face. I was a little off put because I thought he was smiling like that at me. But he was smiling while waiting, because up the path waddle his 5 some odd year old son carrying a big bag of golf clubs.

I saw God in the big goofy smile of a father.